Saturday, 7 May 2016

Subscription Box - Oyatsu Box.

Heya cupcakes,
Guess what arrived in the mail today my little cutie pies?
A Oyatsu Box!

So what is an Oyatsu Box?

Oyatsu box is a monthly subscription service from the same people who also run Oyatsu Cafe which is an online store dedicated to selling you the best Japanese candy and snacks.

An Oyatsu box consists of three different sizes.

OyatsuBox Jr which is $11.99 (Roughly £8)
OyatsuBox Original which is $20 (Roughly £13)
Oyatsu Premium which is $30 (Roughly £20)

I decided to go for the premium box.

So after subscribing in the end of March to receive my subscription box in April I became Immediately excited to receive a tracking email around the very early days of April letting me know it had been dispatched and was on my way to me.

The tracking states that it was dispatched on the 4th and then arrived in Tokyo on the 9th of April, after weeks and weeks of waiting I decided to contact Oyatsu Box regarding the box not being here.

There reply was within a day and basically blamed royal mail for this doing saying that there post had been slow and that this was an ongoing problem Oyatsu box was having with Royal mail deliveries being slow.

As someone who orders online alot and from Japan alot I know this is not normally the case, Once the item arrives in the UK it is here within 3-5 days.

So on May 3rd I checked there facebook page to see this...
I clearly wasnt the only one having a problem still waiting for my April crate.

Atleast I wasn't the only one I guess.
I just felt a bit fed up, it was obviously not coming at the end of April so why couldn't they have told us that then? So therefore as far as delivery aspects go I feel that if they can't get the subscription box to you on time then they should invest in a courier or a smarter way of ensuring it ships out sooner. 
This is the tracking to show you how long it took to even get from Japan to UK mail sorting centre... Somehow I don't think thats Royal Mails fault.

They stated in messages that this was an ongoing problem with Royal mail so if this has happened more than once thats not a good thing...

So anyways I received my box on May the 7th and it came to me in a good sturdy box where you could clearly see it is an Oyatsu Box.

Here are some photos of my box and its contents.

So what was inside -

Apple Pie Caramel Corn (These were really amazing)
Pocky Sweet Milk Flavour (Also pretty decent)
Milky - Ultraman Edition
Jan-Ken-Pon Gummy
Kameda Variety Pack (These were disgusting)
Natori Neri Plum Candy (Another gross item)
Petit Baked Pizza
Puccho Peach flavour
Kracie HimoHimo Candy (Really tasty)
Umaibo Choco Cream
Kit-Kat Raspberry (A full bag of them which is kind)

and a gachapon collectable toy.

I think the amount you get for the money is Okay.
I mean when you spend £20 on candy you expect to get alot.
I think there was alot of items that were very average in taste because they blew there budget on the kitkats.

I was shocked the put a big bag of KitKats as normally your lucky to get a couple of small ones but a whole bag was impressive.

I was disgusted they bothered putting the Kameda Variety Pack as these literally made me wretch, they were god awful.

All in all I feel that you could get better candy, larger amount elsewhere.
That might sound horrible and blunt but its just being honest.

I Felt i got a much better subscription candy box when I got a Japan Crate.

and the Nandemo box was also in my opinion a better option for quality and tasty candies.

I wouldnt order a subscription box from them again and sadly ended my subscription with them as the delivery issue really put me off.

So there you have it.
Keep your eyes peeled for more posts soon!